Safety-audited jets.
Operational due diligence.
Privacy safeguards.

Aircraft Safety Audits

We have the utmost dedication to safety and operational excellence ensuring every aircraft exceeds Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) standards. Only the highest-rated aircraft pass our rigorous standards; audit tests include: pilot training and experience, passenger insurance policies, and aircraft maintenance records. Our commitment to transparency is our key to maintaining the highest safety standards; all safety documents are always available for you to reference.

Experienced Pilots

We only assign the most experienced crew (2 Captain-level pilots and flight attendant) to operate your private jet charter flight. Private jet pilots are specifically-trained to operate the aircraft you charter and have over hundreds, if not thousands, of flight hours on your jet. We enforce strict crew-rest requirements to ensure the pilots and flight attendant are well-rested and performing their duties to perfection. The crew arrive at the airport two hours before your scheduled departure to perform mandatory safety-checks. The flight attendant also arrives early to ensure the cabin is flawless and prepare your in-flight dining.

100% Privacy

Your privacy is paramount; we take great measures to ensure your trip details are kept secret and confidential. All communications with us such as emails, passenger passports, flight plans/itinerary, and aircraft registration are never disclosed to third-parties and protected with industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption.


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